Mr Zion

Introducing Zion Newton: a transcontinental artist seamlessly blending his British heritage and Atlanta upbringing. His dance journey ignited at The British Academy of Performing Arts, where he immersed himself in ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, modern, and hip-hop styles.

Zion’s stage presence is as limitless as his energy, embracing every dance genre with fervor. His heart resonates profoundly with partnering, a passion he’s shared as an adept dance educator for four years, finding joy in igniting enthusiasm and guiding with dynamic flair.

His stage career shines with a rich array of ballets and musicals, including iconic roles in Nutcracker, Polar Express, Swan Lake, Westside Story (Atlanta, 2022), Mama Mia (Atlanta, 2021), Bring It On (New York, 2019), and Crazy for You (Ohio, 2018). His journey ignited with a stellar debut at The Atlanta Lyric Theatre in Chorus Line and Peter Pan (2016).

Zion earned a BA degree in dance from Marymount Manhattan College, affirming his dedication to artistic growth. Across continents, he mesmerized audiences aboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships in Australia and New Zealand during 2022-2023. Then on the perform for Disney Cruise lines.

Now back at his cherished ‘home’ studio at BAPA, Zion eagerly revives his role as an instructor, infusing teaching with the same fervent spirit that marks his performances. With abundant experience and unwavering dedication, Zion Newton continues inspiring and elevating the dance world, one step at a time.

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