Miss Clay

Meet Clay Newton: a seasoned professional whose journey spans from London to Atlanta, enriching the performing arts landscape. With initial roots deeply embedded at The British Academy of Performing Arts, Clay’s training set the stage for an illustrious career. Emerging from over 8 years as a dancer and performer with ADC and MTC, she performed in numerous shows including Nutcracker, Polar Express, Esmeralda, Les Miserables, Addams Family, Oliver.

Whilst performing Clay unearthed her true calling, organizing others both on and off stage. The intricacies of stage management, the artistry of costuming, and the mechanics of showmanship became her canvas. Her dedication led her to a BA Degree in Theatre Production and Costuming from Marymount Manhattan NY, followed by a Masters degree at the University of Amsterdam, in Theatre Administration.

Amid her formative years at BAPA, Clay honed her craft in dance and musical theatre on stage, gracing countless ADC and MTC productions and competitions. Yet, in her heart she truly loves to be behind the scenes. Clay’s true passion, theatre management, enables others to bask in the spotlight’s on stage. Having discovered her calling at BAPA, Clay embraces her role as Co-owner with boundless enthusiasm, eager to embrace the next exciting phase of her journey.

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