Success Stories

What People Are Saying

“I have a very outgoing kiddo and we needed a good outlet. So we tried BAPA at the recommendation of a friend… “

Benjamin’s Mom

“All of the teachers and staff always made me feel comfortable…”

Parent’s Testimonial

What Our Client Say

The BAPA team has done an amazing job… wonderful programming, thank you, thank you, thank you! You all have truly risen to the occasion and we are very grateful!

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Miss Kim

I’m so thankful that my child has an incredible place like BAPA to perfect his art and work towards his dreams. If anyone local to Atlanta is looking for an amazing performing arts school, look no further than BAPA! They are the best! 

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Miss Jennifer

There is absolutely NOTHING we can say that will emphasize the importance of BAPA in our life when we lived in Atlanta. Marsha and Gerry  were our family away from family.  They expanded OUR family and made us a part of THEIR BAPA family.  While parents always receive credit for their child’s success, we give all that credit to Miss Marsha, Mr Gerry and all of Carlie’s BAPA brothers and sisters.

So many great memories, from Carlie’s first performance as a Duloc It Girl in “Shrek” to her last as part of BAPA’s 10 year anniversary performance, with “Little Cosette” in “Les Miserables” and about 10 shows in between (including performing while serving the parents pancakes at a BAPA fundraiser breakfast)! 

Although we don’t live there anymore, BAPA helped Carlie create her own village. 

Make BAPA part of yours.

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Amazing Dance/Music Theatre place ever. The best fit for our daughter. It’s amazing how far she’s come, and I’m so proud to say that I am a BAPA mom, the staff and the whole studio is amazing. Best choice we ever did was to enroll our daughter.

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Miss Sarah