So you’re a Bun Head?

Hey there, fellow bun enthusiasts! Let’s take a twirl down memory lane and uncover why ballerinas sport those iconic buns. Back in the day, ballet wasn’t just about dance; it was about elegance and precision. Picture this: flowing locks flying around during a pirouette? Not quite the aesthetic, right? So, enter the bun. It was all about practicality, keeping the hair in place for those graceful leaps and spins. Plus, it showcased the dancer’s neck, adding an extra touch of elegance. As ballet evolved, the bun stuck around, becoming a symbol of discipline and tradition. So, next time you see a perfect bun, remember, it’s not just hair – it’s a piece of ballet’s history and poise! 🩰

Check out the incredible ballet buns from two of our very own ADC Ballerina’s!

Follow the professionals: 

Misty Copeland’s bun tutorial:

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