So you want to go en POINTE?

Dancer says this:

YAY, let’s talk about going on pointe! Like, seriously, it’s a total rollercoaster of excitement and challenges. First off, picture this: you’re lacing up those legit satin shoes, and suddenly you’re on your toes, defying gravity like a boss. It’s next-level awesome, right? But hold up, it’s not all glitz and glam. Those shoes are not for the fainthearted, blisters, my toenails.. arhhhhhh. And don’t even get me started on keeping your balance and nailing those moves without face-planting. Yet, here’s the deal: the thrill of mastering pointe work? It’s a dance revolution that’s so worth it! 


Mum says this: 

Ah, the journey of going on pointe – it’s a mix of exhilaration and hurdles, and parting with your cash. Witnessing your dancer slip into those delicate satin shoes is a sight of pure joy, their dreams taking flight with each graceful step. Yet, it’s no cakewalk. Those beautiful shoes can be quite the challenge, molding them to fit comfortably can be a trial of patience. And the strength required to maintain balance and execute intricate moves is no joke. But here’s the heart of it: the sense of accomplishment that beams from their eyes when they conquer those challenges is immeasurable. Pointe work isn’t just dancing; it’s a transformative accomplishment, making every obstacle worth the effort. 🩰💫


It is definitely a two sided story, the journey to go on pointe is complex, challenging and incredibly rewarding.  Read this for more info about the route to pointe at BAPA. 

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