Miss Delaney

Meet Mrs. Delaney Rogers, a Marietta, GA native with an unwavering passion for music that blossomed from an early age. Her musical journey took root in school bands and choirs, sparking a lifelong devotion. As a youth, she eagerly embraced lessons, striving for all-state chorus, and gracing the stages of marching bands and musical theater productions.

Carrying her musical aspirations forward, Delaney embarked on her educational odyssey at Kennesaw State University. Her dedication culminated in the attainment of a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education in 2013. Delaney’s career spans nurturing choirs within both sacred and academic environments. Her most recent chapter involved orchestrating musical magic with a local homeschool theatre collective.

Now in her inaugural season with BAPA, Mrs. Rogers radiates enthusiasm. A conductor of melodies and mentor of hearts, she has seamlessly integrated into the BAPA family, fostering connections with young talents. Delaney Rogers embodies the spirit of music, and through her guidance, she aspires to kindle the same flame of passion she discovered in the hearts of the next generation.

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