Miss Chrissy

Miss Chrissy

Chrishalon “Chrissy” Williams is a creative from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In her early years of dance, she trained in the fundamental styles of Hip hop, Ballet, Tap and Jazz. At age 14 she started focusing more on choreographing for competitions and showcases at On Your Toes Dance Studio and her high school dance program. Through her progressions as a student and upcoming choreographer, she was able to perform and work with artists such as MC Lyte, Lil Baby, Teenear, Slip & Slide Records and many more. Chrishalon has traveled throughout Georgia and Florida setting competition pieces and teaching intensives.

Her most recent work is teaching at British Academy of Performing Arts, dancing for local artists, and being a Make-Up Artist. 

Currently, Chrishalon works extensively with teenagers interested in pursuing performing arts. She fosters creativity, individualization, and confidence in her students and trusts in the transformative healing process dance can bring to people when given the opportunity.


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