Miss Irina

Miss Irina

Irina graduated from one of the best Moscow dance school’s “Young Moscower”. Her teachers were graduates from Bolshoi Ballet, professional dancers from Moiseev ballet, Beroizka. After graduation from High School, Irina worked for the next two years as a professional dancer for Moscow State Circus Ballet. 

In 1984 she was accepted at Moscow University of Chemical Technology, where she received her Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering; while she was student, she became one of the founders and coaches of dance group “Contrast” (Moscow State University). For next 5 years she provided dance training to students, created shows: “Little Prince”, “Don Quixote” and many other dance compositions. In 1990 Irina relocated to the USA. While she was working at the chemical plant as a laboratory manager, she started teaching part time at Cobb Dance Academy. Irina has three kids; when her first two kids were little, she took a break from her professional life and started working as a paraprofessional teacher at Special Needs Class (in Cobb County). At that time she decided to incorporate her experience into teaching dance to kids with special needs. For the next eleven years Irina taught dance to students with physical disabilities. In 2003 Irina pursued a new career as an accountant. However, she always felt the need to return to dance, which has always been a very important part of her life. In 2013, she developed an educational dance program for the Solo Russian School of Art in Atlanta, where she taught students ages 3 – 10 years. 

Throughout the last 20 years Miss Irina has shared her love of ballet with students of all ages and all abilities. She has been teaching at BAPA since 2017, she is so happy to be doing what she loves, and watching ballet bring beauty into everyone’s lives.

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